Funny Employee Awards

Funny Employee Awards

101 Printable Funny Award Certificates for employees, coworkers, volunteers, and staff plus 7 Awards Templates for making up your own Funny Awards.

With funny award categories ranging from "job well done" to "poking light fun", you'll find something for everyone in your organization. Plus, you can easily alter the certificate titles and descriptions to make them unique to your group and recipients!

Templates include: Appreciation, Excellence, Leadership, Recognition, Teamwork, Achievement, and Employee of the Month. Appropriate for everyone, no matter the employee or the type of business.

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Funny Employee Awards - Top 10 List

Duct Tape Award

Every workplace has a Mr. or Mrs. "Fix-it" - that person who can get your computer, truck, copier, or fax machine working again.

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere Award

Nobody wants to work late. Some are just more eager to leave than others.

Swiss Army Knife Award

In sports, you call them "utility players". At work, you call them "the person you can't live without."

Loch Ness Award

Remember the old song lyric "You left me - just when I needed you most." Well, this person is never around when you need them.

Running with the Bulls Award

Where would we be without our fearless leaders? With great risks come great rewards - like this certificate.

Hump Day Award

If someone walks arund our workplace shouting out "Hump Day", this award is for them.

Head in the Sand Award

Sometimes being clueless can pay off.

First Responder Award

Unlike our old friend, Mr. "Loch Ness", this person is always right there when you need them.

Employee of the Month Award

Is there any greater honor than being named "Employee of the Month"? Let's hope so.

Human Vulture Award

You know there's someone around the workplace that will eat anything left out.

Featured Awards: Duct Tape Award™, Human Vulture Award™, Swiss Army Knife Award™, It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Award™, Loch Ness Award™, Head in the Sand Award™, Running with the Bulls Award™, Hump Day Award™, Foot-in-Mouth Award™, Rookie of the Year.

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"Funny Employee Awards" includes 101 printable funny award certificates with various designs packaged in a downloadable PDF file that works on a PC or Mac. As a bonus, you'll get 7 blank award templates for creating your own funny awards, and a ballot to use for nominations.

You can add what you need to make the certificate work for you by handwriting or by typing directly into the PDF. You can even change the award titles and descriptions. Print as many as you like on the paper of your choice. Designs are set to work on standard 8.5" x 11" paper. It's simple and easy to do.

Originally published in 2007 as Funny Employee Awards: Your Complete Guide to Organizing a Humorous, Entertaining and Rewarding Recognition Ceremony, this original work is the only Funny Awards collection registered with the U.S. Copyright Office (Registration Number TX0006867174).

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Larry Weaver is a professional touring stand-up comedian and funny motivational speaker based out of Durham, NC, USA. He delivers clean, positive humor worldwide.

A regular on SiriusXM radio's "Laugh USA" and "Blue Collar Radio", Larry has shared the stage with the likes of Chris Rock, Ray Romano, Faith Hill and "Weird Al" Yankovic. He created Funny Employee Awards for companies and organizations who wanted to have fun while showing appreciation to their staff.

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